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Jignesh Shah
Learning from the Failures of Entrepreneurs
Dear Friends,

A number of truths which can be interpreted in more than one way are formed in the world of entrepreneurs. Generally, people sing a successful entrepreneurís glory and consider his thoughts and principles as ideals. No one can deny that we can learn a lot from the success stories of entrepreneurs. At the same time, people can learn from his mistakes or failures as well...

Welcome to the FT FOUNDATION
Having embarked in 1991 on the path of economic liberalization, India has fast become a hotbed of enterprise. The country's myriad and diverse industries, freed from the license-permit-quota regime, have embraced competition over yesterday's complacence. India's new entrepreneurs believe in living by the Darwinian dictum of the 'survival of the fittest', and in striving to realize their goals thus fuelling the engines of the nation's economic growth.
Within less than two decades since liberalization, India looks set to redeem its glorious past which, centuries ago, fired the imagination of explorers like Columbus and Vasco de Gama and enticed the British and the Portuguese to its golden shores. Today, in a bold new avatar, India is again attracting people from all over the world with investments, proposals and new ideas - people who wish to be a part of the India story.

Presently, when India is on its way to becoming an economic superpower, it needs a new breed of entrepreneurs who can compete in a globalised world. The task of finding such entrepreneurs is not difficult in our country that has its ethos steeped in enterprise. However, the spirit needs an urgent uplift and a much-needed channelization of energy in the right direction. With this aim in mind, the FT Foundation has come into being.